Adolescents 13-19 years old

Adolescence is the period when children transition into becoming adults. These years are often difficult to navigate as there are many physical, mental, and hormonal changes happening all at once.

While in the midst of puberty, teenagers may experience mood swings, lower levels of self-esteem, and feeling more emotionally sensitive than before. Life changes like moving schools or experiencing loss or divorce in their families also add to this being a particularly trying time for many adolescents.

In this stage of their lives, they may also struggle with concerns around sex and sexuality. Other issues like body shaming and lack of body positivity can affect their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Teenagers are learning to assert themselves and their independence, however, they are often still in need of adult guidance. You may have noticed that there have been changes in your teen, their mood, their work at school, relationships with friends and family, or they may be experiencing behavioural problems. If this is the case, but they do not want to open up to you, therapy is an avenue to pursue to get them help. A competent therapist understands the developmental challenges of teens and is able to provide effective counselling to them.

Hmrithi specialises in working with teens who need intervention with:

  • Sex education
  • Sex positivity
  • Body positivity and addressing body shaming