Children 8-12 years old

Children experience their emotions in a completely different way than adults do. Many children struggle to process their feelings and to express themselves in a healthy way. This may result in issues with friends, family or in school. Talking to someone who they know may be difficult for them, and this is where a qualified psychologist can prove to be quite helpful. Therapy allows children a space to talk things through and to learn how to express their emotions without being judged in a safe and secure environment.

If your child’s behaviour is concerning, or they are continuously getting into trouble at school, it may be time to seek professional help. Disruptive or dangerous behaviour can stem from a variety of factors. In meeting with a psychologist, concerns like bullying, anxiety or trauma may be explored. When children go through emotional or behavioural problems, accessing help sooner, rather than later, assists to better process their emotions more effectively.

Therapy for children often requires input from parents and involves the use of various play activities to make the child feel comfortable and to allow them to express themselves more easily.

Hmrithi specialises in working with children who are experiencing:

  • Behavioural and relationship difficulties
  • Trouble with learning appropriate social engagement
  • Verbal and behavioural temper outbursts