Couples and families

When coming to therapy as a couple or a family, it will naturally follow a different path to that of individual therapy, but the basic principles, including openness and communication, remain the same.

When sitting as a couple in a relationship that may be in crisis, or as a family struggling with an issue bound within the confines of your home, everyone involved needs to express their thoughts and feelings in a space that allows for open communication as well as understanding. Everyone in the couple or the family does not have to agree with each other, or even like what they hear- this is not the point of engaging in therapy.

The purpose of therapy is to create an environment in which couples and families are able to describe what the problem is and how it has affected all of them in different and unique ways. Following which, each individual’s emotional and psychological needs are acknowledged before therapy can start exploring the ways in which each person’s needs may be met in their relationships with others.

The range of concerns addressed in couples and family therapy include pre-marital and marital conflict, parent and child conflict, grief, distress, trauma, behavioural problems of individuals in the couple or family, as well as mental health issues that affect the couple or the family.

When working with couples and families, Hmrithi specialises in the treatment of:

  • Trauma counselling and debriefing
  • Loss and bereavement counselling
  • Sexual health, desire, and intimacy
  • Conflict resolution and effective communication skills