Group interventions

Group intervention in a psychological context refers to several individuals taking part in a conversation aimed at facilitating change or dealing with a specific problem that they are experiencing. This sharing within a safe environment helps you relate to others and yourself in healthier ways.

While talking to a group of people may sound intimidating at first, group interventions provide benefits that individual therapy may not, often becoming a rewarding experience for many. Group members share what they are experiencing and can assist each other with specific ideas for improving a difficult situation or life challenge.

In many cases, talking and listening to others helps you put your own circumstances into perspective. While you may sometimes feel like you are the only one going through a particular problem, hearing others discuss what they're going through offers the opportunity to give and receive support.

Hmrithi specialises in facilitating the following group interventions:

  • Support groups when there is a common diagnosis or struggle
  • Youth development programmes to equip individuals with real-life skills
  • Mental health education groups with a focus on psychological well-being
  • Life skills groups to enhance abilities like motivation, mindfulness, goal setting, etc.