Workshops and seminars

In today’s society, a great deal of time is spent with colleagues, classmates, or workmates. In these environments, different rules apply as to how we can engage with others, especially when it comes to areas in life that are not as openly discussed.

For this reason, talks, workshops, and seminars that deliberate issues that everyone goes through but not everyone is able to talk about is advised in settings like businesses, schools, and universities.

From an organisational point of view, mental health talks can help managers become more effective leaders, and employees to enhance their personal success within the company.

From an educational perspective, mental health talks can help educators to create conducive learning climates, and students to learn skills to cope with academic challenges.

As a leader, manager, teacher, you are most aware of what your people need. You can collaborate with Hmrithi to be able to assist in the best way possible for the wellbeing of your team around you.

Hmrithi facilitates sessions tailored to the needs of your:

  • Company / Business
  • University / College
  • School / Organisation

Suggested topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Mental health talks with a focus on psychological well-being.
  • Stress prevention and management programmes when morale is low.
  • Youth development programmes to equip individuals with real-life skills.
  • Debriefing sessions following a shared momentous or traumatic experience.
  • Mental health education and promotion to combat stigma and discrimination.